Scholarship & Discovery

The University of Chicago, home to numerous scientific discoveries, has revolutionized the treatment of human disease. In so doing, the University has garnered several medical researchers and practitioners Nobels. In keeping with this valued tradition of discovery, the Scholarship & Discovery (S&D) curriculum at the Pritzker School of Medicine was developed to inculcate scholarly interest and expertise among its trainees.

Through S&D, Pritzker students—beginning in their first year of medical school—undergo preparation to cultivate the level of mastery necessary to complete a mentored scholarly project by the time of graduation.  Students have the option to explore and apply to one of five scholarly Tracks:  Scientific Investigation (Basic Sciences, Clinical Research, Social Sciences); Community Health; Global Health; Medical Education; or Healthcare Delivery Sciences (Formerly Quality & Safety).  The S&D curriculum—undertaken in years one, two, and four—provides enhanced training in fundamental concepts and skills to ensure student success in one of these five fields of study.