Timeline by Year

Scholarship & Discovery  is a longitudinal program that spans across the traditional four years of medical school, with the majority of activity occurring in years one, two, and four. To help you visualize the milestones for each year, the activities are summarized below.






  • Explore  interests
  • Cultivate skills of scholarship
  • Meet potential mentors
  • S&D Track Orientation
  • S&D Symposium
  • Summer Opportunities Session            
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics course
  • S&D Spring Elective (optional)



  • Conduct focused work on scholarly project
  • Expand expertise in track area 
  • Select Track, Mentor, and Project
  • Attend Track Leader Meetings
  • S&D Spring Block      
  • e-Poster and Progress Report submission



  • Learn clinical medicine
  • Conduct literature searches pertaining to clinical case questions
  • Critical appraisal of medical literature 




  • Demonstrate advanced scholarly skills 
  • Complete          scholarly project
  • Disseminate research
  • Revisit scholarly project and/or begin work on a new project        
  • Elective courses (optional)
  • Senior Scientific Session (optional)                                            
  • Explore venues for dissemination 

*During year 3, students are expected to focus on their clinical clerkships, refining their scholarly skills to support clinical medicine (e.g., literature searches to answer clinical questions; critical appraisal of medical literature). While students may elect to work on their projects on an ad hoc basis, there is no requirement to do so.